Scientific Disciplines and Contributions by Creation Scientists

Discipline/Contribution Scientist
Absolute Temperature Scale Lord William Kelvin
Acoustics Lord John Rayleigh
Anesthesia Sir James Simpson
Antiseptic Surgery Joseph Lister
Bacteriology Louis Pasteur
Biogenesis Law Louis Pasteur
Calculating Machine Charles Babbage
Calculus Sir Isaac Newton
Celestial Mechanics Johannes Kepler
Chemistry Robert Boyle
Classification System Carolus Linnaeus
Crystallography Nicolaus Steno
Double Stars Sir William & John Herschel
Dynamics Sir Isaac Newton
Electric Generator Michael Faraday
Electric Motor Joseph Henry
Electro-Magnetics Michael Faraday
Electrochemistry Sir Humphry Davy
Electromagnetic Field Theory James C. Maxwell
Electronics, Vacuum tubes Sir John A. Fleming
Entomology of Living Insects Jean Henri Fabre
Fluid Dynamics Lord John Rayleigh
Fluid Mechanics Sir George Stokes
Galactic Astronomy Sir William Herschel
Galvanometer Joseph Henry
Gas Dynamics Robert Boyle
Gas Dynamics James C. Maxwell
Genetics Gregor Mendel
Geodesy Sir George Stokes
Glacial Geology Louis Agassiz
Gynecology Sir James Simpson
Hydraulics Leonardo da Vinci
Hydrodynamics Blaise Pascal
Inert Gases Sir William Ramsay
Law of Gravity Sir Isaac Newton
Natural History Louis Agassiz
Non-Euclidean Geometry Bernhard Riemann
Oceanography Matthew Maury
Optical Mineralogy Sir David Brewster
Pasteurization Louis Pasteur
Pathology Rudolf Virchow
Physical Astronomy Johannes Kepler
Polarized Light Sir David Brewster
Reflecting Telescope Sir Isaac Newton
Scientific Method Lord Francis Bacon
Statistical Thermodynamics James C. Maxwell
Stratigraphy Nicolaus Steno
Systematic Biology Carolus Linnaeus
Telegraph Samuel Morse
Thermodynamics James Joule
Thermodynamics Lord William Kelvin
Transatlantic Cable Lord William Kelvin
Vaccination and Immunization Louis Pasteur
Vertebrate Paleontology Georges Cuvier

Source: "The Collapse of Evolution", by Scott M. Huse. 1983, Baker (Grand Rapids, MI) I have checked that all the disciplines are correct.