1.5. Operators

There are 3 main classes of operators: arithmetic, comparison, logical

You should learn what they are and have a fairly good idea of precedence.
Precendence means which operators are done first. In math we just use BEDMAS to figure this out.

Look at the operator precedence page.

What is printed out by this statement?

System.out.print("The total is " + 5 + 3);

It will print "The total is 53"

Types of Brackets

Brackets are generally evaluated before other operators.

Arithmetic operators

Comparison Operators

Logical Operators

Assignment Operator

This is the = sign. It takes everything on the right hand side and puts the results into a variable on the left side.
It is generally the last thing done.

Other Operators

You need to know the increment and decrement operators: a++ and a-- , as well as ++a and --a.

You also need to know the shortcut operators: += -= *= /=