While Loop programs

Read the class notes on while loops (both pages). Read the section on break; continue;
Copy the program at the bottom of the while loop page 1 and run it.

Once you've done this, then ...

There are four programs to do:

The second page on while loops (course notes) shows 4 ways of making and exiting while loops.

All four of your programs will do this:


Here's the outline of how to do the first program (using while (true){ )


n	total
2	2
4	6
20	6	(multiples of 5 are ignored)
11	17
6	17	(multiples of 3 are ignored)
-99	17	(exit the loop)

Total = 17

4 programs: There are four ways of writing and exiting While loops

Write 4 programs, each using one of the following forms of the while loop, and each one doing the same logic with %3, %5 and -99.

  1. using while(true) and exiting using break
  2. using the condition in while(): while( ..... ) {
  3. using a boolean that is checked in the while loop. Example: while(keepLooping) {
  4. using a do while loop

You can call them While1.java, While2.java, While3.java and While4.java