Simple Programming Examples

This is just to show the same program in different languages.
The program asks for a number, and then prints out the following 10 numbers.

The compiled executables are also included so that you can see the size of each. Note how the WIN95 overhead bloats the program! Exception: Visual Basic - which is smaller than Basic for DOS!
Also note that the most compact programs require the most complicated source code (and so are most likely to have bugs in it).

If anyone knows how to improve my assembly programs let me know. I haven't used assembler for 13 years!

Programming Languages I have used
Assember Source Code (A86 for DOS) 
version 1 (doesn't do 99 ->100) 
version 2 (complete and bug-free?)
Executable (  134 bytes) 
Executable (  176 bytes)
C Source Code (Turbo C for DOS) Executable (ten-1.exe     15,356 bytes)
BASIC Source Code (Quick Basic for DOS) Executable (ten-2.exe      31,704 bytes)
C++ Source Code (Borland C++ for Win95 
Console program - runs in DOS window)
Executable (ten-3.exe      181,248 bytes)
Turing Source Code (WinOOT for Windows) Executable (ten-4.exe      366,155 bytes)
APL Source Code (CAPLIB 2, APL for DOS, 1992) No Executable (it is interpreted), but the interpreter is 351,490 bytes.
JavaScript Source Code No Executable (it is interpreted)
(ten-6.htm 1081 bytes)
Visual Basic 5.0 Source Code (Object-oriented; for Windows) Executable (ten-7.exe      20,480 bytes)
Java 8 source code Bytecode (Ten_8.class      867 bytes)
But it requires a Java Virtual Machine
Bash shell script interpreted
Other Programming Languages
#1-6 were done in 1998.
#7 added in 2006.
#8 and #9 in 2017.