Here are some of the best sermons that I've heard - saved as podcasts (mp3). Of course, there are a lot of other good sermons that I've heard, but I didn't bother downloading them and now they are gone! As far as I can recall, all of these were available for free downloading on church websites.

Charles Price

Charles Price was the main preacher at The People's Church in Toronto, Ontario from 2001 to 2016.
Date Title Passage
2009-02-01 The Church: the body of Christ 1 Corinthians 12
2009-02-08 Desiring Spiritual Gifts 1 Corinthians 12
20??-__-__ Experiencing True Discipleship Matthew 16
A series on Ephesians
2011-__-__ 1. Unity, Diversity and Community Ephesians 4
2011-__-__ 2. How a healthy church actually Ephesians 4
2011-__-__ 3. Growing up into Christ Ephesians 4
2011-__-__ 4. Why Do People Behave As They Do? Ephesians 4
2011-__-__ 5. Grieving the Holy Spirit Ephesians 4
2011-__-__ 6. Love and Sexual Behaviour Ephesians 5
2011-__-__ 7. Be filled with the Spirit Ephesians 5
2011-__-__ 8. Responsibilities in Marriage Ephesians 5
2011-__-__ 9. Responsibilities in Family Ephesians 6
2011-__-__ 10. The Gospel and Slavery Ephesians 6
2011-08-14 Hannah 1 Samuel 1
2011-08-21 David 1 Samuel 16
2013-06-02 The New Covenant Galatians
2013-__-__ Biblical Gender and Sexuality Series:
The Homosexual Dilemma
Galatians 6:1-5
2013-09-01 The Nature of True Discipleship Luke 14
2013-11-03 The Signs and Symbols of Scripture Genesis 9:8-16
A series on Romans
2013-09-08 Romans 12 Romans 12:1-8
2013-09-15 The Righteousness of God Romans 1:16-17
2013-09-22 The Wrath of God Romans 1:18-32
2013-10-06 The Judgement of God Romans 2:1-11, 3:9-18
2013-10-13 The Cross of Christ Romans 3:21-23
2013-11-10 Justification by Faith Romans 4
2013-11-24 The Fruit of Justification Romans 5
2013-12-15 Handling the Problem of Sin Romans 6
2014-01-19 Freedom from the Law Romans 7:1-13
2014-01-26 Three Spiritual Laws Romans 7:14-8:2
2014-02-02 Living by the Spirit Romans 8:5-17
2014-02-09 Living in Hope Romans 8:17-30
2014-02-16 God is for Us Romans 8:26-39
A series on Joshua (incomplete)
2014-03-09 Your Past Matters Joshua 1:1-7
2014-03-16 The Enemy is Sometimes Right Joshua 2:1-24
2014-04-06 Preparing for Victory Joshua 5-6
2014-04-13 Sin in One Brings Defeat to All Joshua 7:1-26
2015-02-01 Depression and Hope Job 3

The Meeting House & Bruxy Cavey

Bruxy Cavey was the main preacher at The Meeting House in Oakville, Ontario from 1997 to 2022.
Cavey had to resign due to adultery and "clergy sexual abuse". If you have been directly impacted by this, be aware that these sermons might be triggering to you, so maybe don't listen to them.

The sermons are no longer online. Some of the best series were "Inglorious Pastors (about pacifism)", "Modern Family", "The Look of Love (fruit of the Spirit)", Christianity and Islam, Christianity and Buddhism, "Bad Ideas". I only have a few of these. Some sermons are by other people. I've indicated that.

Date Series Title (with # in series)
2015-04-12 The Look of Love: The Fruit of the Spirit [video] 1. Love vs Law ★★★
2015-05-24 The Look of Love: The Fruit of the Spirit [video] 7. Love: Self-control
2016-03-20 Nabeel Qureshi Living Like Jesus
2011-02-20 License to Sin? 1. Saints, Sinners, and Grace
2016-05-29 God's Love Life : The Trinity 1. Woship and Welcome
PDF notes only.
2016-06-05 God's Love Life : The Trinity 2. Team Jesus
2016-06-12 God's Love Life : The Trinity 3. Invited into Intimacy
2016-06-19 God's Love Life : The Trinity 4. The Story of Glory
2016-07-24 Chosen One (Moses) 9. Death by Baptism Ex. 13, 14, 15
2016-07-17 Chosen One (Moses) 10. Bread from Heaven Ex. 16
2016-07-24 Chosen One (Moses) 11. There is no formula Ex. 17
2016-08-14 Chosen One (Moses) 14. Kingdom of Priests Ex. 18
2017-04-02 Radical Reformation 2. Anabaptists and Scripture
2017-04-09 Radical Reformation 3. Anabaptists and Church
2017-04-23 Radical Reformation 4. Anabaptists and Peace
2017-08-20 Faithful One (Abraham) 2. Love is Patient Gen. 13
2017-09-03 Faithful One (Abraham) 4. Oven and Flame Gen. 15
2018-06-03 Faithful One - The Promise and the Pain 1. A Handmaid's Tale Gen. 16
2018-06-10 Faithful One - The Promise and the Pain 2. Cutting a Covenant Gen. 17
2018-06-17 Faithful One - The Promise and the Pain 3. Three Visitors Gen. 18:1-15
2018-07-08 Faithful One - The Promise and the Pain 4. Friendship with God Gen. 18:16-33
2018-07-15 Faithful One - The Promise and the Pain 5. Unwelcome Gen. 19
2017-10-08 Bad Ideas 1. God is Male
2017-10-15 Bad Ideas 2. We don't need God to be good
2017-10-22 Bad Ideas 3. The Bible trumps Jesus by Brian Zahnd
Law, Prophets and Jesus.
2017-10-29 Bad Ideas 4. God tortures people forever (I)
2017-11-05 Bad Ideas 4b. God tortures people forever (II)
2017-11-12 Bad Ideas 5. All religions lead to God
2018-04-12 Jesus & Buddha 1. Buddha Basics
2018-04-22 Jesus & Buddha 2. Digging Deeper into Dharma
2018-04-29 Jesus & Buddha 3. Ask A Buddhist Sunday

CCF and Peter Tanchi

Peter Tan-chi is the main preacher at Christ Commission Fellowship (CCF) in Manila, Philippines. He founded this megachurch in 1984.
These sermons were downloaded between 2001 and 2013. This is not a complete list of all of the sermons. Some are by other preachers and I've indicated that.
For most of them, it's been over 10 years since I've listened to them, so I don't know details about them.

Note that the sermons are about an hour long, longer than most Western sermons, and that they sometimes have references to what's happening in the Philippines at the time. Occaisionally, some Tagalog is used as well. These would be excellent to listen to if you have a Filipino friend.
In many recordings, before the sermon there is someone from the church giving their testimony of their life and how God has saved them.

Date Title Passage/Other
2001-05-30Worship (part 1)Malachi 1
2001-06-27Worship (part 5)Malachi 3
2005-06-12The Life of Daniel, How to study the BibleDaniel 2
2006-11-05Brokenessby J. Soriano
2007-06-10God's FaithfulnessAttributes of God
2008-01-20PrayerColossians 1
2008-04-27Gifts of the Holy Spirit
2008-06-01The Lord is My ShepherdPsalm 23
2008-07-06Joy (part 2)Philippians 1
2008-07-13Joy (part 3)Philippians 2
2008-07-27Path to Real Joyby V. Burke
2008-09-28God's Amazing Grace
2009-01-04Christ Centered FamilyEphesians 5
2009-01-18Be StrongEphesians
2009-03-08Questioning GodHabakkuk 1
2009-03-15Expectant FaithHabakkuk 2
2009-05-24Prayer & the Holy Spirit (?)- not really sure what this one is about -
2009-07-26Walk on WaterJohn 6
2009-08-23Are you a disciple?
2010-06-06Worship / Faithfulnessby J. Soriano
2010-06-13Impact of WorshipMalachi 2
2010-07-04Worship (cont)Malachi 3
by ??
2010-07-18Facts about True WorshipMalachi
by V. Burke
2010-07-25Jonah 1
2010-08-01Jonah 2
2010-08-08Jonah 3
2010-08-22Jonah 4
2010-11-14Nepal, Walk by the Spirit Galatians 5
2011-04-17How to Treat OthersMatthew 7:12
2011-11-08Humility1 Peter 5
2011-11-13Be Humble Like ChristPhilippians 2
2011-12-18Be Content
2012-04-01The Thorns of LifeIntimacy with God
2012-04-08JesusIntimacy with God
2012-06-03Practicing God's Presence (part 1)Intimacy with God
2012-06-10Practicing God's Presence (part 2)Intimacy with God
2012-06-24The Lord is My ShepherdIntimacy with God
2012-07-22JoyEvidence of Intimacy
2012-12-xxBe JoyfulLuke 2
2012-12-xxPursue Intimacy With God
2013-01-13Do Not Limit GodKnowing God
2013-03-03Know the Holy Spirit (1)
2013-03-10Know the Holy Spirit (2)
2013-04-07Walk in the Spirit
2013-04-14Unleashing God's Full Potential in Your Life
2013-06-02Church Be ConsecratedKnowing God