The Ultimate Couch Potato World Cup 2010 Spreadsheet





Why 'Ultimate Couch Potato'?

This is the complete package! It does absolutely everything we could think of and more. For details see the About page.

This Excel spreadsheet will do as much as it can for you —from helping you figure out how much popcorn or beer to prepare for any match to giving you a one-line quip when your pesky soccerphile nephew calls to inquire about the latest news. If, on the other hand, YOU are the pesky soccerphile then look no further for material to bore your not-so-inclined friends or family.

Why 'Couch Potato'?

Simply for humour. We are not implying that all you rugged athletic types should stay away from this. Relax. This will make your World Cup 2010 experience much better.

Why MS Excel?

This spreadsheet will work on Mac or PC or in OpenOffice (in Ubuntu). It works in all versions from Excel 97 - 2007. It does not use macros or VBA so you won't be getting infected with a computer virus.

DOWNLOAD version 3.2b :  

.xls file (1.9 MB)
.zip file (1.2 MB)

Check back here periodically. Once the World Cup competition has started, it is unlikely that we will be upgrading anything, unless there is a serious bug fix.