The Ultimate Couch Potato World Cup 2010 Spreadsheet




How to use this spreadsheet:

There are seven user pages to the spreadsheet:

Welcome Page

This shows you a quick overview of the composition of the eight groups and the teams' April 2010 rankings.

Rate your favourite teams with 1 - 5 stars and then the GoupStage page will show you which games you most want to see.

Select your time zone from the pull-down list —the zones shown are already adjusted for daylight saving times for the tournament period. A message at the top of the page informs you where today falls in the competition calendar.

Lowdown Page

Compare the outlook for any two groups and team profiles side-by-side or click the link images on top to get the latest from the web.

GroupStage Page

Enter scores here. Group matches here are sorted by date, showing the group and stadium location. The interest rating is based on how closely paired and highly ranked the teams are, and whether any are your favourites.

Print this page for a nice one page schedule of the Group Stage matches.

One of the best features is that each game has cleverly designed comments that change depending on the outcome of the game —including whether a team has qualified early or been eliminated.
(You can overwrite the match schedules or the Ultimate Couch Potato comments by entering your local TV coverage schedule or your own comments.)

GroupResults Page

Check out the scores sorted by groups, as well as the league system scoring table and the results according to three different models (see Models). If lots are drawn to settle tie breaks enter a 1 or a 2 in the cell (just follow the instructions).

This page is really useful to see if there is any chance of your team making it to the next round, and what the ranking in the groups is.

EliminationStages Page

Score the elimination rounds. There is an extra set of boxes for every game if you need to enter overtime goals (or penalty shootouts). You can enter TV schedules to the right of the cells marked 'TV: '. The ball will settle down as we near the end, squat, and finally ... lay a golden egg — definitely worth waiting for if you ain't got a life.

Overview Page

Get a bird's-eye view of the competition, the thinning ranks of teams as the survivors fight on, plus awards or raspberries for performance in the group stages. You'll see the ranking after each set of matches in the group stage round. Will the top 4 teams be the ones to make it to the semi-final games?

Help Page

If something doesn't work the way you expected, chances are you'll get a clue there. Or not.

Still with Me?

Read about the three Ranking Models in the spreadsheet, check out the Screenshots webpage.

DOWNLOAD version 3.2b :  

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3.2b June 16, 2010 Cosmetic changes:
  • Arranged margins on GroupStage page for easy printing of World Cup schedule.
  • Overview page improved a lot
  • Changed next game highlight to orange
3.2 June 15, 2010 Cosmetic changes:
  • The next game to be played is always highlighted in yellow (GroupStage and Elimination pages).
  • The games you're most interested in now have red stars in the interest column.
  • The Australian goalie's name was fixed in the Lowdown page.
3.1a June 1, 2010 The time for Greece-Nigeria game was incorrect.
3.1 May 26, 2010 Release of World Cup 2010 version
  • All new group stage comments completed
May 28, 2010. One comment in game two adjusted to make it clearer.
3.0 May 22, 2010 Internal release of World Cup 2010 version
  • updated and improved from 2006 version
2.1 June 3, 2006 Last release for World Cup 2006 in Germany

Changes from Vs. 2.0:
  • Dates for last three matches of the tournament showed the wrong day of week because the year was set to 2005 and not 2006 for those matches.