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World Cup Tracking Spreadsheet


This is truly an awesome spreadsheet made by Brimo and definitely the most complex spreadsheet that I have ever seen.
(Sadly I didn't update it for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.)

The 2018 edition is downloadable below.
I am not able to put all of the amazing comments in that Brimo did for the 2010 group stage. (Have a look at the 2010 spreadsheet to see this.) The logic is far too intricate and complex. Sorry.

If you're a computer nerd and want to see how the spreadsheet was made, email me and I'll send you the unlock password (or just Google how to unlock Excel 2000).

Why MS Excel?

This spreadsheet will work on Mac or PC or in OpenOffice (in Ubuntu). It works in all versions from Excel 97 - 2007. It does not use macros or VBA so you won't be getting infected with a computer virus.

For more information and screen shots, see the original 2010 webpage
(but those screenshots have South Africa as the host).

Download the current version below:

DOWNLOAD 2018 version (Russia)  

(v 2018c: fixed warning about data loss, hid worksheets)

(v 2018b: fixed wrong group on GroupResults page)

.xls file (1.4 MB)
.zip file (0.8 MB)

Check back here periodically. Once the World Cup competition has started, it is unlikely that we will be upgrading anything, unless there is a serious bug fix.
There's a contact button on the main page.

Download 2010 version (South Africa)  

.xls file
.zip file

Download 2006 version (Germany)  

.xls file
.zip file