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Main Features

SHAREWARE - Free to download and use today. Not crippled in any way.

Sample Questions

Write the name for the following compounds:

  • Mg(BrO3)2
  • Fe3(PO3)2
  • P2O5
  • WSe2
  • (NH4)2Cr2O7

Write the formulas for the following compounds:

  • sodium hypochlorite
  • manganese (VI) phosphate
  • calcium hydrogen carbonate
  • ammonium acetate
  • nitrous oxide

practice naming inorganic compounds

ideal for high school / first year college

write formulas from names and vice versa

fully customizable by the instructor

help screens

can print out marks for quizzes

Types of compounds

  • multivalent ions
  • polyatomic ions
  • oxyanions
  • covalent compounds
  • and many more ...


DOWNLOAD version 6.13 :  

Nomen6.13.jar file





May 2015

Minor fix:

  • fixed error in manganese and other multivalent cations
  • fixed error in ions.dat (phosphite ion has a -3 charge)


April 2015

Minor fix:

  • fix bug in printing results
  • there is still an error in some Manganese compounds


December 2014

Program completely rewritten in Java.

  • subversions 1-10 were attempts to get it working and bug fixes


September 2011

NOTE: this probably will not run on Windows 7 or higher. It runs on Windows XP.

Minor fixes:

  • anion display in helpscreen was messy


June 16, 2010

Program completely re-written using Visual Basic

  • added ability to print scores



Original DOS program by Denis Trankner

  • Also handles -ous and -ic forms
    (Classical system)
  • Included in the file

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