Everything about Electrons - they are more important than you realize. (MS Word version)
Everything about DNA - *everything* you wanted to know about DNA. (Is DNA an alien artifact?)
An essay on the origins of TH and WH in the English Language.
(It also shows the most common pairs of consonants in English.)

These are some Science related essays that I wrote for our school newspaper in 1999.
I hope you enjoy them.

The Amazing Bodies of Dolphins

The third most amazing substance: WOOD

The second most amazing substance: IRON

The most amazing substance: WATER -- not done yet

Forgiveness: How and Why. (PDF) or (DOC)
(This is not mine, but it is so good that I posted it here. Any copyright problems, please let me know).

Top Ten Principles on how to handle Money (there are now 13, and #6 is really important)
Michael Harwood
July 2007