Humour - mostly physics and computer related.

Most of this stuff was emailed to me.

"New" stuff:

Are you ready to be a parent?
Hilarious Salmon Commercial

Electric Sheep - screen mate Electric orange - screen mate
(These two things are programs, they are from over 5 years ago, and have no viruses.)
Update: Microsoft Store now has this! See eSheep 64bit


The real origin of UNIX and C
The Secret of Anti-Gravity (cats vs. buttered bread!)
Know your Unix System Administrator
Element Puns (useful for chemistry classes)
New Technology: Introducing B.O.O.K.
The Ultimate Screening Test
How to write a college paper
Dangerous Chemical Warning!
Computer Problem Report Form
Microsoft vs. G.M.
Physics Product Disclaimers (all are true!)
A Plan to Improve Spelling (by Mark Twain)
DEC Wars
A Party of Famous Physicists
Notice: Internet Maintenance
Software Design
Job Interviews
Software Releases
How to Install Software (by Dave Barry)
Who's on First (physics)
The Physics of Santa Claus
How to use a Spell Checker
New Element Discovered
College (by Dave Barry)
The Lesser Known Programming Languages