Scripsi home

Scripsi is Latin for “I have written”

This site is a place to publish my short writings. I am trying to mold WordPress into being something other than a blog. I think that I need to make all of my writings “pages”. For now I’ll allow comments. (I think that they are only working on some pages and so far have only attracted spam.) I tried Joomla, but it was too complicated. I still think that it is a lot easier to write in Microsoft Word. I can add in equations, footnotes, etc.

Hi there! I’m a number of things including a high school physics teacher. I love words and the English language. I have a B.Sc. as well as an M.Sc. in physics.

Sorry, I can’t allow comments because I’ve only had 2 valid comments and over 200 spam; the spam filters don’t work that well.