Scripsi home

Scripsi is Latin for “I have written”

Hi there! I am a number of things including a high school physics and computer programming teacher. I have an  M.Sc. in physics.  I was using computers from before the internet was a thing. I remember the excitement of telnet-ing to clients’ sites instead of having to use a dial-up modem with massive long distance charges.
I love words and the English language and have had a lot of fun running Grammar Clubs where I was teaching.

This site is a place to publish my short writings. I am trying to mold WordPress into being something other than a blog, which means that all of my writings are “pages”. I’ve had to disallow comments because I’ve only had 2 valid comments and over 200 spam; the spam filters don’t work that well.  This is now a static page so I don’t have to worry about WordPress being hacked.