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Grade 12 Notes

Unit 0: HTML, CSS

Binary and Hexadecimal notes

Unit 1: Introduction to Java and its syntax

Objectives for Unit 1 Read this checklist and make sure that you know it for the quiz.

Unit 2: Flow control

While programs (v1)
While programs (v2)

Unit 3: Methods, Arrays, and Strings

Unit 4: Graphics using HSA2

Pixel Graphics

In class we do a graphics program that colours each pixel according to some mathematical formula. We can end up with some stunning art

Here are some examples

and here [code golf, tweetable art] is a whole lot of examples using various languages ...

Here is starting code for Java: PixelGraphics.java

If you write it in javascript you can see it right on your browswer

A simple way to have popup input and messages is JOptionPane. Please have a look at the document and see how to use them.
In HSA2 we use simpler form: gc.showDialog() and gs.showInputDialog()

We are going to be using a graphics library, called HSA2, that removes a lot of the complexity of Swing graphics.
We'll learn Swing graphics in grade 12 programming.
You can find the latest HSA2 package on my GitHub . You'll have instructions in class on how to install it (or see the first video below). Download the zip file at home and install on your home computer.

Please proceed to Notes about HSA2 Graphics

Videos about graphics

Go to the Salamander2 youtube channel

The videos discuss how to make ball objects instead of just a bunch of variables, how to make things collide and bounce, how to make arrays and arraylists of balls, how to add and delete balls.

Unit 5: ISP/Final project

Board Games that can be made after we've learned how to program TicTacToe